Need help shopping our store or want to know more about the services we offer? Here’s the place to find answers.

How do I customize a product?

Some products are “template” products. These products will have an area on their main product page, to the left hand side, where you can add your own information or images to pre-defined fields. However, even products that aren’t template items can be changed to suit your needs. Simply click the “customize it” button.

Template Customization Example

Seen above is an example of a template product with easy to customize, pre-defined fields.

customize regular product

In this example, you may customize a standard non-template product using the “customize” button.

customize a standard product

This is the screen that appears once the customize button is pressed. This page allows you to change images, text, colors, positioning and more. Any product you order from Designs Done Wright can truly be made unique and special just for you. Try adding your name to the back, a special photo or company logo. The options are endless.

What if I want a design made specifically for me?

Ordering a custom design from Designs Done Wright has never been easier. Click “Contact us” on the main menu above and fill out the form. Be sure to give us an idea of what you’re looking for, you may even provide links of things you’ve seen online that best showcase what sort of style you’re wanting. A customer support technician will connect you with a designer to help bring your idea to life. Once the design is completed, we will email you a private, direct-link to your custom product, ready for purchase.

How much do made-to-order designs cost?

This depends on what kind of project you’re interested in. Simple, personal use (non commercial) designs for family events, weddings, birthdays, etc can be made for as low as $5 added to the price of the original product. For instance, if you purchase a coffee cup for $15, adding a design made for you, would add only $5 to the total cost of the product, resulting in $20 total.

For more advanced projects, requiring extra time spent by the designer to complete, the overall cost would be determined and agreed upon between you and the designer before the project begins. No surprise charges or price increases that you didn’t agree on. What you’re quoted is what you pay. Not a penny more!

For business and commercial use designs, such as custom logos, corporate shirts, buttons, etc, the price averages $10 to be added to one of our products. You’ll receive a private direct-link to your custom product, ready for purchase.

If you’d like a custom design delivered to you digitally, in high resolution, for your own use (to make your own iron-ons, print your own cards, to use on your own website or other digital material, etc) the cost average is $20, more for advanced designs, less for simpler ones. This price covers personal, non commercial use only.

For digital delivery of custom, high resolution images, with a commercial use license, the average cost is $40. Again, that price may be greater for more complex designs and lower for simpler projects.

Estimates ARE FREE. You will never be charged for requesting an estimate for your project. Payment is made upon project completion. You’ll never pay for something you don’t want with Designs Done Wright.